Whimsical Art

Fantasy painting
Free To Be
Finding one's path can require the courage to leave behind forever what is known for what is unknown. Here, a bird escapes through an open window into the darkness. A more distant window beakens where the daylight beyond the darkness reveals others who have already made this journey, soaring free in the azure sky.

Imagination...    A contrast of age and scientific knowledge with youth and imagination, where the laws of physics don’t apply. A child can make the impossible possible with the magic wand of their mind. Creativity is found in the inner child.  


“...I think we are born into this world and inherit all the grudges and rivalries and hatreds and sins of the past. But we also inherit the beauty and the joy and goodness of our forebears. And we’re on this planet a pretty short time, so that we cannot remake the world entirely during this little stretch that we have. … But I think our decisions matter. And I think America was very lucky that Abraham Lincoln was President when he was President. If he hadn’t been, the course of history would be very different. But I also think that, despite being the greatest President, in my mind, in our history, it took another hundred and fifty years before African-Americans had anything approaching formal equality, much less real equality. I think that doesn’t diminish Lincoln’s achievements, but it acknowledges that, at the end of the day, we’re part of a long-running story. We just try to get our paragraph right." ~ Barack Obama.     

From the article: "Ten Days in June" - The New Yorker

Portrait Acrylic painting
Obama Lincoln - A Tear in the Space/Time Continuum
Chance Meeting
An old saying is that opposites attract. Two individuals with enormous differences can sense a familiarity that brings the stongest attraction. Here. a chance meeting between a snorkeler and a butterfly fish results in the appearance that they have a great deal in common.

Fantasy painting
Snowman on Vacation
This small painting depicts a snowman in an wintery globe watching wispfully as the fiery Florida sunset dips below the waves. We can only guess his expression as the snowman stares at the brilliant red sight from within his snowy blizzard. Is he "shaken" by the spectacular vista or simply "stirred" with the warm thoughts of a snowman on vacation?


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